Thirdwave Coffee Shop: Forest, Virginia

Updated: May 5

It should be of no surprise at this point that I could write love letters to the cups of coffee I have had in my lifetime. From the unique to the simple there are very few coffees in my life that I could say disappointed me. However, I am afraid I must admit that I was left less than satisfied upon my visit to Forest Virginia's college popular shop Thirdwave. I had heard people rave about this place for years, but I never had the bravery to go by myself.

Therefore, when my friend reached out

to me and asked if I wanted to try something new I jumped on the opportunity. The feel of this shop was nice. It has a simple set up and is very open. Which was nice but it made it rather difficult to find a seat.

Naturally on my adventure to order I made my way to the specialty menu to see what made them unique. I ordered a juniper cappuccino, which I was rather excited for during the decline of the Christmas spirit, and my friend ordered and iced chai. The presentation of the drink was definitively a highlight of the trip, but it felt almost misleading. As I took a sip and was disappointed to just taste a regular cappuccino. For a regular cappuccino it was spectacular, but on the flavor side of things it was rather lacking. My friend enjoyed his chai stating that it was pretty good, but not the best he has had.

However, I have been recently informed that their London Fogs are truly where this place shines, so I will have to go back and see for myself.

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