The District Tap: Northern Indianapolis, IN

To be completely honest, I am very disappointed with my visit to The District Tap. With two locations in the Indy area, my sister and I were hoping for a visit worth the hype. What we got instead was cold food, wrong orders, and a waitstaff that seemed as though they couldn't get away from our table fast enough.

You would expect an extensive tap list with a name like "The District Tap," correct? No, unfortunately, most of their beers were weak IPA's, and they had maybe three darker brews. My sister and I even tried two new beers we had never had before because we couldn't find something on the tap menu that we thought we might like. I even tried talking to the bartender who brought us our samples to see what she would pair with the food I was planning on ordering. Her response was just, "yeah, I don't know." I feel like it's not asking too much to ask for a drink suggestion, but for this girl, it was.

Our server was constantly MIA, and we didn't ever get more than our original cup of water even after our drinks were empty. He also didn't write down our orders which led to my sister's food getting messed up. Due to his lack of visitation to our table, it took him forever to bring us our food, which alongside the wrong food, made both of our meals grossly cold, and trust me, and cold shrimp tacos are not enjoyable. The tacos were especially sad for me because the tacos had a lot of potential, flavor-wise, to be good. However, because of all of this, I say don't waste your time. I surely won't be again.

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