Small Batch Barbeque: Lynchburg, VA

Barbeque is something my friends and I take pretty seriously. Although I can admit, they take it much more seriously than I do. That’s why when I visited Small Batch Barbeque in Virginia, I tried to channel their diehard barbeque mindsets.

So far, I have visited Small Batch three times, and each time the visit was a little different. The first two times, the food came out fast and was hot. Even my barbeque-obsessed friends liked it. Their only complaint was that “barbeque shouldn’t be ready that fast.” Which to that I must disagree. I have had barbeque that has taken much longer to come to the table that tasted nowhere near as good as the barbeque at small batch.

Their wings are also phenomenal. My old roommate was obsessed with their dry rub wings, and after trying one of hers, I understand why. They had a deep flavor that was light and not too spicy. My other friends and I love their pulled pork or their turkey, and until my last visit, we were never disappointed.

Unfortunately, my last visit was nowhere near as enjoyable. The flavors were still there, and the staff was still super friendly, but they only had two employees working the front of house. The lack of workers led to our food coming out cold and a plethora of frustrated customers in line waiting to be seated, which was hard on those eating and the two employees working. However, I sincerely hope that this was the only reason the visit was this way because I genuinely enjoy this place and hope Small Batch can find a system that better supports their employees and customers.

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