RA Bistro: Downtown Lynchburg, VA

I've realized more and more as I write these posts how often I go out for brunch. I promise I do more than eat brunch, but honestly, brunch is just too good not to get excited about, and for RA Bistros brunch, I don't mind getting a little more excited. Now RA Bistro is not just a brunch place. In my years living in Lynchburg, VA, I have gone to RA on several different occasions, and, I can say, I have never had the same experience twice. However, I am glad to report that my most recent visit turned out very well.

My family ended up at RA for brunch after my friend Natalie took my grad photos, and we were pleased to show up to an extensive and rather unique menu. Initially, I planned to get the shrimp and grits; however, ever since going to the Commune in VA Beach (blog post to come for that one), I have wanted to try different kinds of chicken and waffles. My sister got their regular waffles, and my dad got their lumberjack French toast. As a bonus, their brunches came with coffee; we also ordered their traditional mimosas.

Their chicken and waffles were much sweeter than expected after my waffle adventure at the Commune, but I enjoyed the balance that that kind of waffle allowed the chicken to bring to the dish. My dad enjoyed the lumberjack French toast. He said the French toast was fluffy and not dense like most other French toasts. As well, he liked the al-around flavor of the dish. My sister enjoyed her waffles as well; however, she was also taken back by how sweet the waffles were, and she could not finish them because of that, but she still liked the portion that she was able to finish.

The mimosas were a big hit for our family. Our waitress made them perfectly. They didn't have too much orange juice and had the perfect amount of champagne, an A+ brunch mimosa. Overall, we were pleased with our visit to RA this time around, and we would most definitely try to go again in hopes that it keeps up the good work!

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