Prosperity Kitchen & Pantry: VA Beach, VA

Sometimes I'm not sure how to start writing these posts. However, for this, all I have to say is WOW. Prosperity Kitchen & Pantry, you were terrific. Although our original plan was not to find ourselves across the street from our original breakfast plan, we were beyond happily surprised by our detour.

What started as an impromptu visit to pass the time turned into one of my favorite parts of VA beach. Prosperity is in the art district of VA beach, just across the street from the Commune. The open floor plan of this patisserie allows for the fresh smells of the baked goods to float throughout the room, which makes the first few steps inside the building just that much more enticing.

However, if that doesn't pull you in, the endless cases of fresh pastries sure will.

Prosperity is a patisserie with the bakers making the excellent food right before your eyes; they had all sorts of fresh baked goods from savory to sweet, whole loaves of bread and tiny pastries, and small snacks for the morning rush to pizzas for lunchtime. There were at least six different kinds of croissants, countless loaves of bread, and so many other amazing pastries behind the glass window. It took my group a good 5-10 minutes to decide what we would get as our pre-brunch pastry. Eventually, I got a chocolate croissant, and my three friends got a cinnamon roll, a vegan carrot cake cookie, and a strawberry pop-tart.

The croissant was flakey and soft. The cinnamon roll was chewy but not in a bad way. It was soft but not mushy and held the flavor of the cinnamon and the frosting without getting soggy. The vegan carrot cake cookie was good. It was interesting to see how they put a spin on the traditional feel of the cookie and made it taste sweet yet unbelievably fresh. And finally, the pop-tart was crisp, and the filling was sweet and flavorful yet did not overpower with the icing on top.

Overall, the experience from interior to food was just astounding. I wish that I lived closer because I want to try all of Prosperity's different flavor croissants, but I guess we'll have to wait till the next time I'm in VA beach.

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