The Blue Cactus: Franklin, Indiana

Updated: Feb 3

Growing up in my family Mexican food was never scarce. With my mother growing up in Texas close to the boarder her love for Mexican food was intense and we often found ourselves at least once a week eating some sort of Mexican inspired dish, so believe me when I say I appreciate GOOD Mexican food.

The Blue Cactus in Franklin, Indiana is not far off from that. Their service was quick as well, as soon as we sat down there were waters and chips and salsa at our table. On a scale of spice I would give the salsa about a 6/10. I am not a huge spice fan; however, the salsa was still enjoyable but wasn't anything unique. However, their street style tacos tasted fresh and weren't heavy. The dish I ordered only came with two tacos of my choice, but the amazing waitress brought me three! What they lack in salsa uniqueness they definitely make up for in service! Each taco had its own unique flavor profile, but my favorite was the special third taco, which was a chicken avocado taco. Their re-fried beans had amazing flavor however they were a little runny, but honestly I did not mind because of the taste. Their drinks tasted fresh and didn't have that artificial sweet and sour taste. They tasted like true homemade fresh fruit drinks and well worth the price!

Overall I would rate The Blue Cactus a 7/10 their service was amazing, their prices (especially if you go for lunch) were well priced, and their food was fresh and unique.

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