Milktooth: Indianapolis, IN

Brunch, a word know for its late morning appeal and bottomless mimosas, but for Milktooth in Indianapolis, brunch is so much more than that. For Milktooth, brunch is an art form. The chef decides what flavor combinations the customer will try each visit, and the customer is never disappointed. Milktooth relies on a changing seasonal menu that uses fresh fruits, veggies, and flavorful cuts of meat. I genuinely do not believe I have ever gotten something at Milktooth that has not challenged my pallet. On my first visit to Milktooth, I got one of their coffees and a Meditteranean-inspired dutch baby pancake. On my second visit, I got a corn waffle with poached peaches and herb butter and a fresh thyme iced tea. Needless to say that I thoroughly enjoyed both visits!

Milktooth, unlike most restaurants nowadays, does not allow for any substitutions to be made for the meal. Which, for many of the picky eaters, could be a turn-off. However, I have found that if you have a little bit of trust in the chef that created the dish, you will almost always find yourself beyond pleased with what Milktooth serves you.

Milktooth has an eclectic yet hipster vibe. Their main dining area is not large, but they also have a front deck seating area if you find yourself in Indianapolis in the summer. The deck provides that early afternoon breeze that will perfectly pair with whatever culinary dish you land on for your meal and whatever mimosa you are sipping.

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