MayLynn's Creamery: Downtown Lynchburg, VA

In Lynchburg, VA, there are several different types of ice cream shops. From soft served to rolled or massive sundaes, there is a place for every single kind. However, there is one place that just about does it all. MayLynn's Creamery in Downtown Lynchburg is a one-stop shop for just about any ice cream craving you may have. MayLynn's even has an oat-milk ice cream option for those with dairy sensitivities, which is very creamy compared to most dairy-free options you find elsewhere.

MayLynn's is perfect for stopping at if you're planning a walk down the blackwater trails in the spring or summer. Although this sweet treat is more expensive than other ice cream spots in the area, what makes it worth it is the location and the quality of the ice cream; they also give pretty large portions. The staff is attentive and cares about engaging with the customer to ensure their order tastes the way they want it.

My favorite ice cream from this shop has to be their raspberry oat-milk ice cream. It's creamy and not too sweet and doesn't taste artificial! (which is a huge pet peeve of mine when it does)

My friends are consistently overjoyed with their different ice creams and sundaes as well, and I genuinely don't know if I've ever talked to someone who hasn't like what they had ordered at this shop.

I would most definitely recommend this place for a fun day or night with your friends or an after-dinner spot for the family.

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