Jeptha Creed: Shelby County, KY

Two words, Bourbon. Trail. An adventure every alcoholic history lover needs to take in their lifetime. Jeptha Creed was not my first stop on the Bourbon Trail, nor will it be my last. The atmosphere at the distillery was unmatched. It almost felt like a playground for adults with how they had set it up in the back. There were plenty of tables and an open grassy area past the patio for games of cornhole and cigar smoking, which their cigars were quite flavorful (although they lacked that signature bourbon flavor).

Unfortunately, due to Covid, we could not do a traditional tasting at their tasting bar, but we could try their signature liquors flight. Their flight included their Straight 4-Grain Bourbon, Paw Paw Brandy, Blueberry Flavored Vodka, and Apple Pie Moonshine. Our favorites out of these four were the Apple Pie Moonshines and Blueberry Flavored Vodka, which for my family was quite a surprise because we do not typically favor sweet alcohols.

We also each got a Manhattan made special by Jess. Jess was absolutely amazing as she made us our drinks! She told us about the property and all the different herbs they grow on-site, and she was more than happy to let me grab a couple of shots of her making our drinks. She told us about her favorite ways they use their bourbon and how she likes to play with the different recipes. It was amazing getting to watch her and see how much she knows about what she does and how much she loves it, so thank you, Jess!

Finally, we got pizza to go with our bourbon. Is there a better pairing? (yes, there is, but that is beside the point) For the most part, their pizza was hot and fresh and was amazing to balance out the drinks we had. They also provide an allergen-friendly gluten-free pizza, which after being warmed up, my mom thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, Jeptha Creed, you were amazing, and I cannot wait to go back when we visit the Bourbon Trail this summer.

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