Java Surf Café & Espresso Bar: Virginia Beach, VA

Here's to hoping I get to go back to this city for more than one reason. The first is the beach, and the second is going back to this bright café. What started as a post brunch coffee stop ended up being one of the creamiest and richest oatmilk lattes I have had in a while. With the recent craze of oatmilk in the coffee world it is sometimes hard to find a coffee that does not taste like oat water. However, Java Surf Café & Espresso Bar made my mid day coffee taste like dessert. Granted I know that's not every caffeine-alholics favorite way to drink coffee but it made my beach day just that much sweeter.

I look forward to the next time I'm in VA beach so that I can try more of their menu. Plus if it lives up to the quality of their Mocha Coconut lattee, the rest of their breakfast and lunch foods should make Java Surf a win win!

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