Vino Villa: Greenwood, Indiana

Updated: Feb 3

Indiana is not lacking when it comes to small culturally influenced restaurants. In fact you could probably find at least one on each street in the city of greenwood. Would i recommend eating at all of them? NO, but there are a few that are worth looking into. Vino Villa is one of them. I have had the privilege of visiting this American/Italian restaurant a few times now and each time the experience is slightly different. My first visit was during the summer, and to be completely honest the scenery amplified most of the appeal.

However, my last visit was during the winter and much of the luster and appeal was gone. The food was still good. My wedge salad with blackened Mahi was satisfying, although there was definitely too much blue cheese. My sister, who is addicted to blue cheese, asked me if that really is ever an issue, but I think even for her it may have been too much because it took away from the many other amazing flavors that the dish had to offer.

My sisters ordered a flatbread which, to our surprise, was not baked and was more of a pita with toppings. However, she still enjoyed her meal. Finally, my last dish that I tasted was the baked brie. To be completely honest it was not what I expected. It was unbelievably sweet and could have served as a dessert rather than a shareable. The bread was covered in cane sugar and was a little stale. The wine was enjoyable and added a nice balance to each of our meals both with distinct fruity after notes and a smooth flavor.

If I was to combine all of my visits to Vino Villa into one review I would give them a 7/10 but because of this last experience I must confess I am not as in love with them as I once was so I must lower the score to at least a 6/10. However, It is still worth the visit if you ever find yourself in the sleepy town of Greenwood Indiana during the summer.

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