Hoi Tea Toi Tea: Keystone Crossing Indianapolis, IN

Updated: Sep 3

One of my family's favorite things to do for a shopping day is to head over to the northside to go to the fashion mall. Now, this mall is not like any other mall in our area, especially when it comes to food. The fashion mall is home to several local and unique restaurants and is home to the one and only Hoi Tea Toi Tea. I don't think it's possible to visit this mall without stopping over at their shop. They serve fresh tea, tea lattes, boba tea, and several other options.

I usually am particular about the kind of boba tea I drink. This is in part to the fact that the first time I had traditional boba balls, they were one of the worst things I'd ever had. They were hard and bitter, but Hoi Tea Toi Tea's boba is not like that at all.

The traditional boba is slightly sweet and chewy, and they also offer nontraditional popping boba. I got the peaches and cream iced boba latte at this last visit, which has traditional boba. My sister got the mango passionfruit iced boba lemonade, which has the nontraditional popping boba. Both were a perfect way to end our sunny shopping day.

Although the drinks tend to lean on the pricier side, the quality of the drinks is worth it. They also have a large selection of loose-leaf teas for purchase, and they are the same teas that they use to make the drinks. So, if you find a tea or tea latte that you are particularly in love with, you can try to make your version of it at home.

So, whether you find yourself at the mall to shop or not, you should make a stop at Hoi Tea Toi Tea.

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