Dublin 3 Coffeehouse: Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia

Updated: Sep 3

I have lived in Virginia for almost three years now, and one thing this place is never short on is coffee. One of my all time favorite places to visit is this little coffee shop in Virginia called Dublin 3 Coffeehouse. In fact this is one of the first coffee shops in Lynchburg, VA that ever ever went to, and it still holds the largest part of my heart. This coffee shop has a modern rustic vi

be and amazing spicy chai. Their music choice provides an artistic edge while also keeping the shop feel calm and enjoyable. On a busy day it may be hard to find seating due to it popularity with the surrounding college

students, but on a off day this shop feels almost like a second living room.

Their coffee is phenomenal as well, and their seasonal menu provides the coffee addicts with new adventures. Their tea is brewed to order and this sometimes causes a less than potent flavor; however, when you get the right barista, their London Fogs are unmatched. The staff plays a key roll in this shops success. Their knowledge and creativity allow even the most picky coffee drinkers to find the perfect sip. All in all this place is most definitely my favorite coffee spot in central VA, and this author is more than okay with admitting to her addiction.

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