Commune: VA Beach, VA

The day before our adventure in VA beach, my friends and I did a little research to find a new and unique place that we could go to eat brunch. We found a couple of different restaurants through google searches, but ultimately, we were drawn in by one, Commune. Unfortunately, it seemed as though several other people in VA beach had the same idea that morning, which is why we found ourselves at a detour across the street at Prosperity while we waited.

So, the question then is, is it worth the wait? Yes! Commune has a changing menu that is reliant upon local farmers to provide the freshest produce. They also have a fantastic staff that works with people with allergies. Commune was able to create a delicious dish that was a variation of something on their menu that week so that my friend could enjoy her meal without worrying if she would get sick.

Commune was also my first chicken and waffles experience, and, let me tell you, I am so glad it was. Commune’s chicken and waffles leaned on the savory side in comparison to RA’s chicken and waffles. It had chamomile butter and cornbread like waffles. As well, Commune seasoned their chicken incredibly and perfectly crispy.

My two other friends got their brisket bowl, filled with grains and purred sweet potatoes, and a spicy peanut sauce. It was gorgeous, and to be completely honest, the pictures I got of it do not do it justice.

Overall, Commune created a culinary experience, and I would love to go back to see what new, unique, and farm-fresh creations they come up with next.

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